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Additional Services

Southgate Courier Services responsiveness to customer needs and the willingness to go the extra mile has contributed towards the growth and success of the company. By utilizing our domestic and international services our customers also benefit from our additional services – these include.

Additional Services

On-line (Internet) Tracking / In-house Clerk / Clearing and forwarding / Special International deliveries / Bulk Freight / ADHOC quotes / Skilled Staff / Value for money.

  • On-line Tracking - Designed to support clients with the tracking of Domestic and International shipments, downloading data and operational reports on a real time basis and introducing efficiencies and accessible billing processes for clients.
  • In-house Staff Member - The in-house system is a standalone system that is deployed at your business premises to assist with Waybill printing, waybill capture\billing, quoting, and manifesting. Data is electronically transferred to our head office to prevent double capturing and to effectively streamline your logistics processes. Terms and Conditions apply!
  • Shipment Clearing and Forwarding - Our clearance department is responsible for clearing Inbound and Outbound cargo with the department of Customs & Excise.
  • Special International deliveries – Time sensitive / Deadline deliveries. Contact our customer service department for a quote.
  • Bulk Freight – ADHOC Quotes to Domestic and International destinations.
  • Value For Money - By offering competitive and cost effective rates.
  • Administration Costs – Reducing administration costs, with fewer accounts to be paid.
  • Skilled Staff - Who will manage your account professionally and efficiently.

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Southgate Couriers offers you timely, cost effective and efficient courier services that will help your business focus on what it should be focusing on. Save time and money by using our clockwork services.

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