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Sending staff out of the office to collect or deliver documents and parcels would cost your company time and money. For many businesses this can be a real issue that places an unnecessary burden on staff. Save time and money by using Southgate Couriers.

Road freight Service (RDF) – This service is designed for the non urgent heavier shipments. Delivery time is between 48 and 96 hours.

Road freight is the most common mode of transport for goods worldwide. That’s because it’s efficient, effective and less expensive than air freight, especially for heavy items or bulk shipments.

We use our in-depth knowledge and extensive network to determine the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable routes for transporting freight by road. Whether you have a single item or a bulk shipment for delivery, we’ll get it to its destination safely – and you won’t have to visit a port or depot to manage your own collection.

Why Use Road Freight Services

Save Time

Outsourcing road freight services, means you don’t have to worry about all the processes when it comes to deliveries and supplies – not just the transport part, but warehousing too. You’ll find you spend so much time just in running and maintaining your fleet of trucks, time you could use to grow your core business.

Cost effective

Firstly, you need to have funds to actually buy trucks to transport your goods, and then you’ll also have to think about warehousing needs. This can be a major drain on capital investment, money which could be used for other things, such as expand your business. Once you’ve purchased your fleet, you also have to think about the costs of employing drivers, paying for registrations, insurance, services, maintenance and repairs, as well as fuel.

Available Resources

Not only are you able to save money from not having to purchase trucks, you also don’t have to worry about getting extra equipment such as extra forklifts and pallets.

Increased Flexibility

With our warehouse capabilities you are also given increased flexibility when it comes to storage. Our job doesn’t end until you have your goods safely. If your storage requirements were to increase or reduce, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting more storage space or paying for space you don’t need.


With Cannon Logistics, you don’t have to worry about logistics and warehouse operations, especially as we specialise in these services so you can be assured in faster delivery and less internal problems for you – it’s our business to make sure your produce or goods get to where they need to be and on time too.

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Southgate Couriers offers you timely, cost effective and efficient courier services that will help your business focus on what it should be focusing on. Save time and money by using our clockwork services.