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Voyager Miles Program

Earn Voyager Miles with Southgate Courier Services! Every time you use your Visa Credit Card to pay for services rendered, it allows you to claim Voyager Miles.

Many of our clients enjoy the benefit of paying their courier bill via their VISA Credit Card and thereby being able to accumulate valuable points on their Voyager Miles program which is also now available to you as a prospective client.

How this works?

When applying for Credit Facility and taking advantage of our highly competitive rating structures and services you also qualify for the Credit Card Payment System that allows you to pay your courier bill via credit card thus redeeming your points by using your (FNB - Visa for Bucks-Back) or (Ned Bank - Visa for Green Backs) Cards. (3.7% Transaction fee on your total bill will apply).

Contact Southgate Couriers for your Credit Facility and start earning valuable points! To find out more…

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